Angelica Hopes  is a dedicated mother to the music of her soul: her kids, Teresa, Giulia and Elisa and lovingly committed to the rhythm of her heart , Camiel.
She is a poetess, a giver of inspiration, a Romance Writers of America novelist and have done various tasks in her life: flights dispatcher & coordinator, a research analyst, loans & credit analyst, a legal assistant, shipping insurance employee, a former aviation student, piano & English teacher, a polyglot and a translator.

Born & raised in the pearl of the Orient Seas, the eldest daughter of Attorney George & Villa  Abaya. She graduated as high school valedictorian at St. Paul Academy & graduated Cum Laude obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics in Universidad de Santa Isabel. She got her license as a teacher after studying at Methods of Teaching at Ateneo de Naga University. While working at Land Bank of the Philippines head office, she pursued Masters in Accountancy at Polytechnic University of the Philippines & of course the main interest of her life since she was a kid: to study Freelance Journalism & Short Story Writing, she pursued it at International Schools (UK) and a creative writing course at University of Oxford, class of Amal Chatterjee. She lived in canton Tessin of Switzerland for fourteen years contributing to her very fluent in the Italian language, residing now in The Netherlands, enriching more her multi-lingual exposure not only in German, French, Italian but also learning the Dutch language.  Living in the Occident for 12 years, she is proud and grateful of her ancestral roots mixed Oriental & Occidental blood.

Thriving amidst the demands of home, family, traveling and her creative writing projects, she aims to share her fiction stories and poetry to any people of all walks of life most especially dedicated to single struggling parents and to lonely souls out there. 

                                                                            Axel Munthe Villa, Anacapri, Capri, Italy         

                                                                            Oia, Santorini, Greece           


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Her major decisions in life in 1995, during World Youth Day changed her life forever. Among four million people gathering during Pope John Paul II's visit, following her heart full of love, that year when she gave up career and her homeland for a call of love and family, her odyssey started from the Orient seas to the Occident. Listening to her heart paving to an irrevocable destiny lead to seven and a half years of dark ages and after a real awakening to a promising renaissance came her freedom, making her shine as ever because of true good friends and family who are always there for her, the loving moral support of her love one, amidst life's surprises and challenges, united, joyfully loving, living and not merely simply existing.

Her literary travels from the Orient to the Occident to the New World have mostly affected her writing locations, reflections in a global setting and realization in life. Her struggles in life in a foreign land, her world literary travels, her inner hopes, reflections, love and joy expressed in a lyrical voice meant to reach out to others as a way of light and encouragement as we take on this odyssey of life. She has been nominated as one of the Outstanding Poets of the Year during an international poetry symposium and conference in Washington, D.C. in 2003 and was awarded as one of the Best Poets of the year 2004 for her poem, Single Mom. Her poems had been published in various books of anthology in U.K. and U.S.A.

She is currently working on her short stories anthology and novel sequels.